Free Real Estate Bird Dog Agreement

Do you invest in real estate? Do you want to use bird dogs to help you find hot properties? Use this agreement to hire bird dogs on your team.

Here is the opportunity: You can earn $500 to $1000 per referral if we buy it.  You will also make $5 for every qualified lead.

Here is how it works: Simply send us leads for houses not listed by a real estate agent, but maybe for sale, as shown below.  While you’re driving to work, walking the neighborhood, or running errands, keep your eyes open for signs. Send us a list of houses that meet our specific criteria.

We will contact the sellers and do the rest.

Want to get started?

1) Register

Fill out Finder Fee Agreement Form.  As soon as we receive it, you will receive the materials needed to participate in the Cash Reward Program and start sending us referrals.  Once payouts exceed $600 per the calendar year, we will issue a 1099 IRS Form as required by law.

2) Locate Leads

Find houses that meet specific criteria and send us the owner information (we tell you where to quickly find it).  The uglier, more run down, the better! You must fill the Property Sheet for each referral you send us.  Individual leads must meet specific criteria described in the Finder Fee Agreement Form.

3) Submit The Leads

4) Get Paid!

Payment for each individual lead will be paid out once a week.  As soon as we close on a house you have referred to us, you will receive your check.  Don’t be surprised if-if you receive a check months after submitting a referral.  Once it’s assigned to you, that house stays as your referral until we buy it, however long the negotiations take.

Let me explain a little bit about who I am.

I am real estate investor that specializes in rehabbing homes…(kind of like the shows on DIY Network, but without the drama). My company has rapid growth goals that require me to buy 5 – 10 new homes per month to flip. I am not a wholesaler that just looks for properties to get under contract to sell to other investors. My team has over 16 years experience building houses, with over 256 homes completed.

Qualifying Criteria

House address (Must be Harris, Brazoria, or Fort Bend County)
House owner name
House owner address
Not listed on MLS
At least 1200 square feet
Minimum of 3 bedrooms
Picture of house
At least one “distress feature”:
Overgrown landscaping
Interior/Exterior damage
Code Violation

Terms and Conditions

By signing up for this Cash Reward Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
Finder understands and agrees that s/he is working as an independent contractor at his/her own expenses and risk to find information about real estate properties and submitting them as “Leads” to the Company.
If such lead is not known to Company nor listed with a real estate broker yet and results in a purchase with either Company or Company’s assigns, the Finder will in consideration for his/her efforts receive a “Finder’s Fee” reward from The Company upon completion of the purchase transaction.  A $500 bonus will be awarded for the first 5 properties purchased.  $750 for properties 6-10.  $1000 for 11+ properties.  This is to encourage an ongoing working relationship. $5 per lead will be paid to properties that meet the criteria outlined above.  The Company reserves the right to use its discretion as to whether or not a lead meets the requirements above.
The above Finder’s Fee shall be due and payable in full by Company at such time as a Purchase Agreement between the Company or Company’s assigns, and the owner of the property is executed.
Finder understands that the Company is under no obligation to purchase from any lead(s) that may be introduced to the Company by the Finder.
Finder understands and agrees that she/he will only provide necessary property information to the Company. Finder will under no circumstances discuss the details of any transaction nor deliver any services that require a real estate license.  Finder agrees to not to participate in or conduct any negotiations with prospects or solicit loans on behalf of prospects.
If finder earns $600 or more during any calendar year, The Company will issue a 1099 IRS form for tax purposes as required by law.


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